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Watch out! It's a novel! (not really. But it's loooong.)

Things I have to say, in a handy-dandy list format! Mostly this is because I am lazy, but also because what's not to love about lists? They keep things organized and coherent and I think organization and coherency are generally very good things at 8am when you went to sleep around 5 and got up at 6:45.

-I've actually been doing homework and stuff lately, and making more of an effort to go to my classes. I can't skip my Renaissance Lit class any more: the professor would get pissed. That's a pretty big motivating factor for going. Most of my huge projects are done for now, although the list is growing again. My Ren. Lit presentation is over, the in-class essay for another Lit class is done (thank god! I was getting so sick of Underworld), my Spanish composition and reflection have both been written and handed in, and I'm generally caught up in classes. This weekend I need to work on a 6-page reflection/topic paper about Underworld (not too bad, since I have a couple of topics I can use), a PowerPoint presentation about Paraguay for Spanish, some stuff that I can't remember for my teaching class, and probably some reading for Ren. Lit. I thought this upcoming week was supposed to be the last week before Thanksgiving, so you can imagine my disappointment when I realized that I still had like a week and a half left.

Although, my Renaissance Lit professor is pregnant and due on the 18th. She says we'll probably have class that day anyway, but we might be getting an email that morning. The 23rd is definitely cancelled though, which is awesome. I know I'm paying a lot of money to be here, but I am going crazy and wish that Thanksgiving break was earlier. Or that there was some kind of single-day holiday about halfway through the semester. Preferably in the middle of the week.

-Work. Is. Awesome. I am typing up this entry right now, sitting at the front desk. There is no one around on the weekends! The dorm is really quiet except for the hum of something around here that I can never identify. I don't love getting up so early to come work at 7, but it beats the crap out of working the closing shift, when all the students who are around are down at the desk stomping and laughing and making noises. I'm tempted to hope for more opening shifts next semester, but I don't know. Naps are my friends now, except I almost always (lately, anyway) end up sleeping longer than expected, and then it's a scramble to shower and get stuff together for class. Eh.

-I finally finished knitting something that isn't just flat! A hat for Jonathan! I mean, I know it started out flat, but then I used some techniques I've never used before, and it looks like a real hat instead of a big ol' rectangle on my head. He picked out the yarn over a year ago, and I promised I'd make him a damn hat, but then didn't know how. I'd post a picture but I'm at work and it's upstairs on my dresser. I feel like it's really cute, and might eventually make one for myself. I need more yarn though--I'd want a gray one to go with my coat, and I'm making one for Amber for Christmas and she wants green but not the green that I have. Then I'm going to make a couple for the dolls, maybe try to sell one? Jonathan's hat is kind of big on me, but it looks like that's how it was supposed to be made, like it's some bastardized version of the slouchy beret things that people wear. (I have one and love it, but always feel like it's going to fall off of my head, and anyway it's more for fashion than keeping anything warm.) After the hats, I'll probably move on to a scarf? I hate making scarves, though, because they take so long and I get hopeless and lose patience. And I don't have any yarn that goes well together. I guess I'll "make" Jonathan take me to Michaels or Joann Fabrics next weekend. I like buying new yarn, except for the prices. And the fact that I don't REALLY have room for it.

-Also, I'm alllmost done buying Christmas gifts, I think. I have a few more: Mamaw, Uncle David/Aunt Tracy, and Joe, and Brittany, but overall I'm feeling rather accomplished. Maybe I'll make Mamaw a hat, except I bet she doesn't like them because they mess up her hair. And I got her a hat last year that she doesn't wear. I guess I can get her books, or a little homemade voucher that says "Tell me five books and I'll get 'em for you online" or something. (Which reminds me that I still need to make little cards for Jonathan's gift. I don't know what to get for Joe, though. What do you get for the man who's been cheating on your father for nine years but who your father won't leave? I'm thinking a travel coffee mug. But I did that two years ago. I don't know. Suggestions?

(All I know is that I am super super excited to give Emily her stuff. And to do stockings with her. She is seriously one of my best friends (because there's a three- or four-way tie at this point) and I don't know what I would do without her. Ilu leetle seester.)

I should have brought my tarot cards because I really want to attempt a reading. I have to settle instead for Facebook horoscopes (which are hit or miss...generally miss). My horoscopes keep telling me to watch my money, to be careful with money, not to spend money, etc, but...how am I supposed to do that? I'm pretty good with not spending money, and getting deals on stuff and sales and all that, and it's not like I'm just spending willy-nilly--none of this is necessarily for me (except maybe the yarn), and it'll be over soon. Anyway, it's not like I live my life by what the horoscope says: I just thought it was strange/nifty that several different ones all mention dinero.

That's about it. :D If inspiration ever hits, I'm going to decorate a bunch of postcards and send them to people. I'll keep you posted.

I feel like I look hungover, despite my best efforts at bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (which is a really strange phrase) Also, I imagine the fact that I'm drinking out of a gigantic water bottle doesn't help my case.
odd enthusiasms

and she's lookin' at him with those eyes

I'm updating from work because we can have our laptops on the opening shift. I'm really sleepy because, like a true fuckhead, I didn't get to sleep until about 3 in the morning. And then I got up at exactly 6:30. I'm such a dummy.

This morning I was sitting on the couch, though, waiting for 6:55 to roll around so I could head out, and I was watching the hamsters (I mean...what? Hamsters? Pftt). They were spazzing out and going absolutely insane in their tank: one would run around the wheel for a while, then leap off and tear across to the other side of the tank and then tear back and crawl under the wheel, then dig into the bedding, and then the other would hop on the wheel and they traded places. It was ridiculous and amazing. I wanted to get a closer look but figured they'd stop being awesome if I got too close.

I've been using Twitter way more than Livejournal lately, which I think is kind of sad, because I heart LJ. I haven't really had a whole lot to write about, which is the problem. On Twitter, I post whatever the eff I feel like posting, because that's what it's there for. On Livejournal, entries sort of need to have a purpose, or you become that annoying guy on the friendslist who posts stuff like "Mmm I'm totally going to order a pizza" and "Hey what's that noise?" I'm pretty sure I used to be that guy. :)

I'm still feeling the whole fish idea. There are some crowntail bettas at Meijer here--or at least there were--so I'm thinking about getting one of those. I guess it all depends on which fishy catches my eyes and looks the most lively or the most in need of my help. I'll probably end up clearing out a drawer in my desk for the supplies, because I'm getting stuff that I didn't have with Otto--medicine, water conditioner, stuff like that. I had Betta Buddies tablets with Otto, but I think the conditioner drops are probably more economically sound. We'll see. Like before, I kind of have a name picked out--Miko--but A) that's really close to Niko, and B) That could change once I "meet" my fish. Then again, I knew that my last betta was going to be either Otto or Rocko before I met him, so there's that...

I technically have enough points on various websites to get enough Amazon gift cards to get the camera that I want (I decided to save my points on Lockerz up for the iTouch that I was originally planning to get with my Amazon money), but I have to wait for some of 'em to get approved and then the codes/cards to get shipped out, and it's so harrrrrd. I have more than enough for sure:

$25 from Amazon
$10 from ePoll
$5 from Swagbucks
$2 from some email survey I took (I know it's legit because I took one from the same people last year and got paid)

In addition to the $70-something that I have right now, that's enough to get this camera, which is like Emily's, which is to say that it is amazing (at least compared to my camera). I'll be able to do adayinmylife more often, because I won't be so bloody ashamed of the image quality. I currently have this camera, and, despite the reviews on Amazon, and what Google says about megapixels, it is really low-quality compared to Emily's Exilim. If I have to, I might even wait for more gift codes or pay some real money and get one with higher megapixels. (Probably not, though, because all the higher-MP ones are bright pink and also I don't have that much patience.

I think that's it. I now have like 55 minutes left of work, which I'll probably end up spending looking at past ADIMLs.

Edit: I don't currently have a winter coat. I could wear Jonathan's varsity jacket, but that's from high school, I get funny looks when I wear it, and it's not exactly warm. I have my peacoat from tenth grade and it's awesome, but I don't know if it'll button this year (it looked ridiculous when I buttoned it last year). Oh, Value Villaaaaage!

And and and my new phone is on the way. It's in Allen Park right now, supposedly. I think. I can't wait to get my greasy fingerprints all over that shiny black plastic. Whenever I buy a new electronic thing, when I'm waiting for it to arrive, I always want to, like, watch videos of it in use or something.
odd enthusiasms

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I want to get a fish again. I have Otto's old 2.5 gallon tank and some gravel somewhere. I did some research and found a filter that should work in my tank (note for Future!Kat: Elite Mini Underwater filter), so that's good.

Things I'll Need:
Small decoration?
Fish food
Water testing kit
Thermometer (except I'm pretty sure that mine's attached to the tank)

Anyone have any suggestions for small fish to get? I'm not sure if I want to get another betta, and I can't get a goldfish for that tank because they're so messy and adults require a tank that's larger than 2.5 gallons. I might go and get a bigger, 5-gallon tank, now that I'm doing research to find out what kind of fish I can get. Any suggestions, friendslist?

(EDIT: After doing research, I might just go with a betta, anyway.)
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Tis morning when I went to sleep after work, I dreamt that:

I was working at the front desk, but there were windows behind me instead of Nik's office, and they looked out over the room and stuff. I was watching a movie with someone, or a tv show or something, and I was making some kind of comment to the person with me, when I looked out the window and saw a guy sitting on the roof watching the show/us. It was weird. He disappeared for a second, then reappeared a few moments later. Then Nik came in and put a sippy cup on the desk, and I recognized it as one that I'd seen when Brittany was working the desk last year, and got grossed out because there was juice inside it still. I'm like "Oh, cool, thanks dude," and he laughed and took it back.

Then I went up to my room, but instead of Amber, there was a stranger guy in the room. He's my new roommate? Okay, sure. I find myself sitting at his desk, and realize this, and apologize, then move to my side. He was eating a cheese pizza, and I think about stealing a piece, but they're cold and he pulled the cheese off of one of the remaining pieces, so I let it go. Then I discover that my back left molar is crumbling into pieces, like powder, and get really really upset. Usually in situations like these, I tell myself that I can just wake up and things will be okay, but that didn't occur to me this morning.

Also I got an intense papercut on Monday and it's really bothering me. Sadface.
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There is a whole masterpiece of bloody boogers under the sink in my bathroom.
And on Megan's walls.
And on Megan's chair.
And on Amber's chair.

Conclusion: College-aged boys are unbelievable.
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-Pack bedding and clothes
-Shop for toiletries, since I might not have time tomorrow.
-Find my iPod cord
-Send out a couple of packages--or at least get them packaged up
-Pack Nina and pick a few of my/her favorite outfits. Maybe it's creepy, but I am bringing her to school with me.
-Insulin/diabeetus stuff, et cetera.

What am I forgetting? I know there must be something!
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I just got a strange but awesome sense of comfort out of logging into StumbleUpon on this new computer and seeing all my old favorites and links.
odd enthusiasms

Lol, oh me.

So I was invited to a BzzAgent campaign for Burts Bees Acne Solutions. I don't really have too much of a struggle with acne lately--not the way I used to, anyway--so we'll see. I'm hoping I get lots of samples and coupons, so I can share with dearbradenton and anyone else who wants.

This morning in the shower, I was getting freaked out because so much hair was falling out when I ran my fingers through it, and then I realized, duhhh, it's because I don't really brush it much anymore*, and the hair has to come out somehow.

*I don't know why I don't. I hate brushing it in the morning because it's tangled and hurts to brush, so I just get in the shower and condition it so the tangles fall out, or I put it in a ponytail to stick under my shower cap, and then it stays in a pony for most of the day. This is my summer hair, people. My roots are like two inches long and my hair is ridiculous, but I don't care! I'll probably get another trim before school starts, and I'll definitely be re-dyeing it, but beyond that, who cares.

Which reminds me, before I redye it, I want to bleach a small panel, probably underneath, and buy a bottle of neon green or electric blue dye to...dye it. Obviously. Should I go with green or blue? I was going to get photos from Google, but searching "red hair green streaks" is surprisingly unhelpful. Oh well.

I've had a headache for over a day now. It's been going up and down as far as intensity, but it's been kind of present all day. I hate headacheeees.

Also, I am going to make a 1920's bathing costume for Nina. It looks fairly simple...I guess I'll find out.
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Some of you may know and love (if by 'love' I mean "want to slaughter" or "wish AIDS upon") my darling foster brother, Benjamin. If you don't, well, count yourself lucky. He's turning eighteen soon, and, if fate decides that for once it does not hate me, he will be forced out by the system and by the fact that Dad hates him as much as we do.

He's taken to stealing my stuff. Two times now I have found a bottle of my perfume (that I usually leave in the bathroom because that's when I use perfume--after showers) chilling on his dresser in his room. I left my headphones on the bookshelf in the kitchen (where my iPod speakers were sitting for when we swim outside) this morning, and when we came in from swimming this afternoon (after he'd left, to hang out with his drug-addicted family), they were oh-so-mysteriously gone. We went to check his room for 'em, and found one of my new Soleil razors (they're very girly, you know, and I've only used one so far, so I know how many should be in the pack) on his shelf in his room.

I don't care about "invading his privacy" because he is truly defective and all-around worthless. Also, in my mind, I stop giving a shit about your privacy the moment you decide to steal something that belongs to me.

I need advice, or something--short of hauling off and breaking his nose, how can I deal with him? I've already decided that if Nina or my iPod or anything like that goes missing and we find any hint that he was to blame, I'm getting physical on his worthless ass. Until then, though, I must rely on passive-aggressive/aggressive-aggressive ways to drive him out/make sure he knows just how low we think he is. Halp?